When you combine 21 years in the hospitality/food service business with 17 years of mechanical, general contracting and mixed-use development, you get a company that knows what the businesses need, and can deliver it. Call A Roddy was formed out of the personal experience gained from owning/operating companies just like yours, and the stress that comes with that…we have lived it! As such, we are keenly aware of what you as the owner needs when you make a call: You need us to answer. To show up. To fix the issue. Thankfully, Call A Roddy has the personnel to complete your task. We serve our clients so you can serve yours. 

If you own a business in the food services/hospitality sector, you know that a need or even an emergency will arise at the most inopportune time. Contacting numerous trades to address HVAC, plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, ovens, appliances or any issue standing in the way  becomes a cumbersome burden for the team that keeps the business running. Having lived this experience over decades, Jarred Yaron  formed a company that will address these needs immediately when called upon. Call A Roddy offers you a one-stop-shop contracting/service/maintenance operation for the restaurants and hotels/resorts.


Jarred Yaron

Since I was a little boy, my mind wondered how I could make my own money- I remember going to my 1st NBA game at nine years old and saying to myself, “How can I collect $1 from everyone in this arena?” What I didn’t realize at 9:) was, and still sometimes forget, it is meaning that I am after, and while money is a scorecard to an extent, it is in the process of aiming towards a goal and overcoming where the inspiration truly lies. Creating, overcoming, and delivering something of value wakes me up in the morning. My professional/personal background provided me with a question, and Call A Roddy is the answer! A one-stop shop that acquires all of your needs to be fulfilled on time. Given our background in your industry, our scope of services reflects the various areas that can inhibit your operation. Our company aims to deliver the expertise needed while treating each issue as a high priority that reflects urgency, resolution, and commitment in a way that other companies do not provide. 

With that said, my story is not finished; I am not sure where it is; I know it is somewhere between the beginning and the end I would say my best attribute comes from believing, “A person who has never failed has never really done much.” When I fall, especially when it hurts, I have learned to get up, dust myself off and get back into the game while constantly reminding myself.”


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